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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do?

We provide dog sitting for the San Benito, Santa Clara, and Monterey County area at our house in Hollister, California. You bring your dogs over and we take care of them. Your dogs should be good with other dogs and be up to date on their vaccinations (especially kennel cough).

Where Will Our Dogs Stay?

We have a decent-sized house with a large back yard. Your dogs are free to play inside or outside. See our Housing page for more information.

What Does It Cost?

Rates are $10 per day per dog. We also have a partial-day rate (under 4 hours) of $5 per dog when you want to go shopping or to dinner but don't want to leave your dog alone.

If you're a new customer, we ask that you pay by cash; after your dog has stayed with us, we will take checks. (Sorry, we do not take credit cards, unless you are willing to pay via PayPal.)

NOTE: In the unlikely event that your dog needs veterinary care, you will also be financially responsible for that. We will try to contact you before seeing the vet, though.

Full details on payments are in the Payments section of our dog sitting agreement.

Why Should We Choose You?

There are lots of reasons:

Will You Pick Up Our Dogs?

Generally, no. If you're in the Hollister, Tres Pinos or San Juan Bautista area, though, we will consider it if you have no other way to get your dogs here. A pickup/drop-off charge may apply.

Do You Handle Special Needs Dogs?

Absolutely yes. We have had blind visitors, deaf visitors, and visitors requiring medication. If your dogs do require medication, you must bring enough for their stay.

What Do We Need To Bring?

Besides your dog (or dogs), we do ask you to bring the food that your dog is used to, your dog's bed or crate (if it has one) and any toys that your dog likes to play with. We want this to feel as close to home as possible.

What Are Your Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times?

You can usually drop your dog off or pick it up between 7 AM (although we prefer somewhat later) and 10 PM. There may be some times that we're out of the house, so you should always call ahead to confirm. Also, we ask that you call us about ten minutes ahead of arriving to give us time to put our dogs (and any visitors) outside.

What Are Your Dogs Like?

All of our dogs are used to having other dogs around and have never had problems with new dogs (other than being a bit suspicious at first). You can read more about our dogs on the Our Dogs page.

We may also have other dogs staying with us from time to time. We obviously can't speak for their behavior, but we haven't had problems when sitting for dogs from different families. You can read more about some of our regular visitors on our Clients page.

How Do We Book An Appointment?

Visit our Contact page and let us know how many dogs you have and when you want us to watch them.

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