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Meet Our Frequent Visitors

We have several dogs that stay with us regularly. We obviously can't speak for their behavior with your dogs, but we haven't had many problems when sitting for dogs from different families.

Angel & Vini

A pair of shy but friendly dogs. Angel is a bit more outgoing. Vini reminds us of the canine equivalent of Grumpy Cat.


A friendly, chubby Chihuahua.


A friendly lap dog with a big bark.


A very playful Golden Lab.


A friendly Schnauzer.


A very playful Grey Lab.


A friendly dog fostered by the parents of Purdy after she passed away (see Past Visitors).


A playful Dachshund.


A friendly mixed-breed that reminds us somewhat of a hyena.

Samantha (Sam)

A cute, chubby Dachshund.

Santana & Bowie

A pair of friendly larger dogs. There was a third, smaller dog, Mali, who was blind, but she passed away in 2018.

Past Visitors

Cali & Sissy

Two energetic, playful Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mixes. Their parents moved, so we haven't seen them in a while.


A friendly larger dog who was blind in one eye. She passed away a few years ago.


A friendly Golden Retriever. He passed away.


A friendly, deaf dog. She passed away in 2015.


A friendly, older Beagle. His parents moved to Southern California, so we haven't seen him in a while.


An older Dachshund. She passed away in 2018.

Walter & Belle

A pair of friendly dogs. Walter can be a bit skittish at first. Belle went blind. Their parents moved to Southern California recently.

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