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Meet Our Dogs

We have five dogs — Holly, Detour, Richie, Ziva and Tona. All of our dogs are used to having other dogs around and have never had problems with new dogs (other than being a bit suspicious at first). We may also have other dogs staying with us from time to time. We obviously can't speak for their behavior, but we haven't had problems when sitting for dogs from different families.


Holly is a pure-bred short-hair Dachshund. We got her as a puppy in 2008 at the same pet store in Arizona where we got Riley. She likes other people (although she will bark at them for a while) and loves to play with other dogs.


Detour is a Chihuahua mix. Alyssa found him wandering around Hollister in 2010 and brought him home so he wouldn't get hurt. We put up posters and found the owner, but she was looking for a good home for him anyway, so we offered to keep him. He got his name because he kept coming up like he wanted petting and then running away (taking a detour), making him difficult to catch.

Richie & Ziva

Richie and Ziva are long-hair Dachshunds. We got them in 2014 after Pepper and Mischief died (see Past Friends). We got them from a family that had too many dogs and couldn't keep them all. Richie is very friendly and loves people. Ziva is a little more shy, but is friendly when she gets to know you.


Tona is a Chiweenie (a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) puppy. We got her in October 2020 after Riley died (see Past Friends) from a woman who rescues Dachshunds. We picked her up in Tonopah, Arizona, which is where her name comes from. She is very playful and a very good jumper (too good -- she gets up on counters and tables).

Past Friends


Pepper was an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. We got her as a puppy in 1998 at the Hollister Motorcycle Rally. She was somewhat shy and tended to avoid other dogs, but was good with people. She had to be put to sleep in early 2014 after a long decline.


Mischief was a Catahoula/Border Collie mix. We got her as a puppy in 2001 from the Hollister Animal Shelter after our Golden Retriever, Chelsea, died of bone cancer. She was the alpha dog, and not particularly friendly initially, but eventually she would play with other dogs. She died unexpectedly not long after Pepper.


Riley was a pure-bred Beagle. We got him as a puppy in 2006 at a pet store in Arizona. He was very playful and liked other people and dogs. He loved to take toys and hide them in the back yard. He died unexpectedly on June 28, 2020.

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