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The World's Simplest Privacy Policy

Last updated April 8, 2011

Don't you hate companies that say "We respect your privacy" but have privacy policies that say they can share your information with third parties, especially for marketing? We're not that type of business.

We don't gather your private information (unless you contact us or use our service). We won't give or sell any information we do get to anybody else (unless you break the law or don't pay us, of course). We don't monitor, track you or put spyware on your computer. We don't even use cookies.

NOTE: Some of the third-party services we use — like statistics — may put cookies on your computer or track you.

If you do contact us, we may obviously use that information to reply to you, but we won't spam you. We may also view some Web logging statistics to get an idea of who visits the site, what pages are popular and what sites reference us, but we won't give or sell that information to anybody else.

The one thing that we may do, if you're a repeat customer, is take a picture of your dog to put on our Clients page along with its name. We won't disclose any personal information about you if we do this.

Last updated April 12, 2011
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